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Scot MacLellan

Sr Director Analyst

Scot MacLellan is a member of the Technology and Service Provider group, and provides research and advisory services to clients in the data center and cloud arenas. He has a particular focus on advising technology product managers in product planning and product development. From a technology point-of-view, his main area of focus is the evolution of the data center in the light of the major changes currently in play: the continued growth of cloud service providers and the resultant shift in most organizations to hybrid IT; the evolution of software-defined infrastructure; the influence of web-scale IT on the enterprise; and the increasing presence of hyperconverged systems in the data center.

When working with technology and service providers, Mr. MacLellan's research focuses on how to evolve and position technologies and services to succeed amid the changing buying patterns and expectations of the market. When working with data center managers, he will advise on how best to exploit the current and emerging technology and the differing options in service delivery and consumption, in order to best satisfy the needs of their organizations and workloads.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. MacLellan had a notable career with IBM, in various technical and management positions. His most recent role was that of IBM Distinguished Engineer, an executive level role in which he led the technical strategy and development of cloud and data center automation products and technologies.

Professional background


Distinguished Engineer


Mainframe Systems Programmer

Areas of coverage

Product Strategy and Launch for Tech CEOs

Cloud and Edge Infrastructure

Product Planning

Product Development


B.S. (Hons.), Physics, University of Glasgow

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Which data center technologies will flourish, and which will decline (IT buyers and vendors)?

2What strategies to employ to best protect and expand data center market share (IT vendors)?

3How web-scale IT will influence xSP and enterprise data centers (IT buyers and vendors).

4How software-defined infrastructure will encroach into the traditional data center infrastructure space, and what this means for vendor market share (IT vendors).

5How the inevitable hybrid IT approach will change the shape and skills of data center staff (IT buyers and vendors).