Gartner Expert

Sebastian Kempf

Sr Principal Analyst

Working for Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) as a senior analyst, Sebastian has been brought in to focus on research for Cloud Office Administration & Analytics.

His expertise currently cover the collaboration tools in M365 such as Sharepoint, Teams, Onedrive and Exchange.

Sebastian has a holistic experience with M365 technologies and has worked with Microsoft and representing Microsoft as well, so can bring key insights to the inner working of Microsoft and the Engineering team nuances.

Previous experience

Sebastian worked for Subfero, one of Microsoft's certified Vendors. They provide M365 Support and represent Microsoft, focusing on smaller / medium sized business support.

Sebastian led a small team covering EMEA and provided holistic support as an Escalation Engineer.

Professional background


Microsoft Escalation Team Supervisor

IT Alliance / HP Inc.

On Site Administrator

Hewlett Packard Customer Delivery Service (HPCDS)

Technical Field Engineer

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to manage and administer Microsoft 365 tenants in specifically cloud only environments

2Data recovery / disaster recovery for OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange Online

3Guidance on migration of large mailboxes including larger auto expanding archives

4Explanation of M365 Products and purpose, is the product that you are using fit for purpose or should you be leveraging other technologies within the platform instead?

5Data management and retention policies - how do retention policies work and what issues can occur with retention