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Sharat Menon

Principal Analyst

Sharat Menon is a Principal Analyst in the Tech Product Manager of Gartner's Technology and Service Provider (TSP) organization. He currently covers data integration. Mr. Menon tracks the latest trends in the data integration market, including data virtualization, self-service data preparation, data replication and synchronization, etc., and how these various technologies co-exist and interplay with the legacy bulk/batch systems to evolve market dynamics.

Previous experience

During his stint at EXL, Mr. Menon worked on managing the clients' corporate travel data flow across systems, right from data ingestion, data scrubbing, data integration, analytics and reporting, for creating standardized and ad hoc dashboards to measure the performance of the contracts that clients have in place with airlines, and hence assist them in negotiating better deals, based on trends and patterns in the data as well as competitors' benchmarks.

Professional background


Systems Engineer


Associate Consultant

EXL Service

Lead Assistant Manager

Areas of coverage

Product Planning

Product Development

Product Introduction

Messaging and Differentiation

Technology Market Essentials


Post Graduate Diploma, Management in Information Technology, Institute of Management Technology

Bachelor in Information Technology, Mahatma Gandhi University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Go-to-market planning for data integration vendors: Positioning and messaging, understanding the competitive landscape

2Trends in data delivery styles: Bulk/Batch DI (ETL) vs. data virtualization vs. data replication & synchronization vs. message-oriented movement vs. event streams

3Trends in deployment strategies for data integration tools: On-premises vs. cloud vs. hybrid vs. multicloud vs. intercloud

4Data preparation: How to penetrate the market and sustain growth

5Emerging trends in data management - data catalogs, data lakes, data fabric