Gartner Supply Chain Expert

Simon Jacobson

VP Analyst

Simon Jacobson is at the intersection of where manufacturing strategy and IT meet. Mr. Jacobson is pioneering research across the business processes and key technologies driving smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and the factory of the future. His research and insight have helped more than 500 companies balance innovation and core competency when shaping their unique strategies to transform manufacturing's contribution to revenue growth and customer value.

Previous experience

Mr. Jacobson joined Gartner in 2009 with the acquisition of AMR Research. There he led the firm's coverage of strategic manufacturing technologies spanning manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI), quality management systems (QMS)--as well as the business strategies that surround them. He was also a member of the team which introduced Manufacturing 2.0 as a framework for next-generation manufacturing and a precursor for today's smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 concepts.

Professional background

AMR Research

Research Director

Areas of coverage

Supply Chain Technology Strategy and Selection

Manufacturing Operations


B.A., University of Vermont

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How can we align manufacturing and supply chain capabilities and performance?

2What does the factory worker of the future look like?

3How do we build a digital roadmap for manufacturing operations?

4how can we develop a smart factory strategy?

5What are the right metrics for measuring manufacturing performance?