Gartner Expert

Simon Richard

VP Analyst

Simon Richard is an Analyst on the Gartner for Tech Professionals Operations research team. He primarily covers network transformation, including network virtualization, SDN, SD-WAN, cloud networking, and container platforms. He focuses on helping customers evolve their data center architecture and management practices to meet the demands of digital business by leveraging API-driven infrastructure and cloud-native practices.

Previous experience

In previous roles, Mr. Richard was responsible for the formulation, promotion, and execution of corporate network strategy and architecture. He also led the strategic and architectural phases of a private cloud implementation from a technical perspective.

Professional background


Principal Network Architect

KeySpan (now National Grid)

Principal Network Engineer

Department of Mathematics, SUNY Stony Brook

Adjunct Professor

Areas of coverage

Cloud Computing (retired)

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovation and Agility (retired)

I&O Operations Management

Data Center Infrastructure

Network Security (retired)


Ph.D., Mathematics, SUNY Stony Brook

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How can I re-architect my WAN when adopting cloud and multicloud?

2How can I leverage SD-WAN? Is SD-WAN ready for primetime?

3How can I architect and operationalize the IaaS cloud networks?

4How can I automate and monitor my data center network to increase its agility? Is SDN enough?

5How can I operationalize Docker containers and Kubebernetes? What tools and platforms are available?