Gartner Expert

Stacey Yin

Sr Director Analyst

Stacey Yin is a Senior Director Analyst in the Technology and Service Provider Research team. Her research provides strategic advice and insight for technology product managers and marketers, enabling them to leverage semiconductor industry technologies, trends and ecosystem partnerships within their product developments. Her primary research areas are semiconductor vendors, technologies and devices used for non-optical sensor. This coverage includes Inertial sensor, environment sensors, MEMS microphones, Magnetic field sensor, fingerprint sensors.

Previous experience

Ms Stacey has 17 years of sales and marketing experience in the semiconductor industry.

She was with ON Semiconductor for three years, marketing multiple phase power controllers to the Asia Pacific. And with Texas Instruments for seven years, selling PMIC, Power IC, WIFI, Audio codec, Embedded Processor, interface, clock gen and BT solution to key PC accounts. Three years with Rohm Semiconductor and five years with World Peace Industrial Group for selling total solution for PC customers.

Professional background

ON Semiconductor

Senior Cooperate Marketing Section Head

Texas Instruments

Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Rohm Semiconductor

Section Manager, Sales and Marketing

Areas of coverage

Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact on Products and Services


MBA, Durham University, UK

BSc in Electronics Engineering, Longhwa University of Science and Technology

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