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Stephen Emmott

Sr Director Analyst

Stephen Emmott is a Research Director within the content, insight, and legal team of the human resources, digital workplace and legal group of applications. His research and advice covers a number of markets including insight engines, text analytics, and enterprise video content management, extending to artificial intelligence, and data and analytics. He draws upon 20+ experience working in both IT and corporate communications to offer practical guidance to clients seeking to develop their digital workplaces (in support of employee digital dexterity) and digital platforms (in support automation).

Previous experience

After starting as a web producer for web agencies in 1995, Mr. Emmott led the project to build Which? Online for the Consumers' Association, which at the time was one of the largest websites in Europe.

Moving to King's College London, he led production and provision of the King's Information Service (university website), covering web publishing, web analytics and CD-ROMs.

At LSE, his responsibilities extended to LSE's digital estate and the platform(s) required to deliver this. This included systems, people and processes, as well as the channels and digital products/services provided through these. Throughout Stephen's time at LSE, his emphasis shifted from operational management to strategic leadership.

At J. Boye he worked as an analyst conducting research, running conferences, and leading knowledge sharing forums to support communities of digital professionals for some of Europe and North America's best-known brands.

Professional background

J. Boye

Head of Research

London School of Economics and Political Science

Head of Digital Communications

King's College London

KIS (King's Information Service) Editor

Areas of coverage

Digital Workplace Strategy

Data and Analytics Programs and Practices

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Workplace Applications


Diploma in Management

M.S., Cognitive Science and Intelligent Computing

B.S., Applied Psychology

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Digital Workplace - strategy, governance and management

2Knowledge Management - strategy, governance and management

3Insight Engines/Enterprise Search - strategy, governance and management; selection and deployment

4Enterprise Video - strategy, governance, and management; selection and deployment