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Stephen Kleynhans

VP Analyst

Stephen Kleynhans is a Research Vice President with Gartner. Mr. Kleynhans has more than 40 years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in end-user computing environments. He advises clients on how to best exploit the expanding range of computing form factors, including personal computers, information appliances, mobile devices and emerging platforms, and is an authority on user computing strategies, including vendor assessment, PC and mobile platforms, technical architecture, operating systems, and product selection and integration. Mr. Kleynhans is a long-term Microsoft watcher and is frequently called on to speak at conferences and provide commentary in the press.

Previous experience

Prior to becoming an analyst in 1994, Mr. Kleynhans worked in network integration and PC services, assisting clients in developing end-user computing strategies, and created and ran an extensive interoperability research and testing facility.

Professional background

Crowntek Business Centres

National Technology Director


Systems Analyst

Areas of coverage

I&O Digital Workplace Transformation


B.S., Computer Science, University of Toronto

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Best practices around deployment of Microsoft Windows

2Best practices with PC planning and procurement, including RFP review

3Selecting and configuring PCs and choosing PC vendors

4How to equip users today and in the future, including device and platform selection

5Understanding how user technology is evolving, including new architectures and devices