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Steve Shapiro

Principal, Research

Steve Shapiro sits on Gartner's NewsDesk where he writes the Executive Pulse article series. These pieces distill Gartner's surveys, polling data and other sources of executive voice into timely cross-functional insights. He also covers corporate strategy with a focus on geopolitical risk, scenario planning, foresight and ecosystem development. Steve works closely with the Social Media Analytics team and is a member of the Future of Work and Digital Geopolitics research communities.

Steve frequently contributes to Gartner Business Quarterly and the General Counsel podcast. In the past he has produced Maverick research on complexity-driven vulnerability, co-hosted the Continuous Foresight podcast and spearheaded the company's pandemic response.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Shapiro looked at vulnerabilities in energy infrastructure, reported on Congressional budgets and staffing and wrote articles on the history of science and technology.

Areas of coverage

Corporate Strategy Formulation

Corporate Strategic Planning

Strategy Function Leadership

Risk Response Strategies


M.A., Historical and Comparative Studies of the Sciences and Humanities, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

M.A., Economics, Virginia Tech

B.A., Economics, Virginia Tech

B.A., History, Virginia Tech

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