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Tadaaki Mataga

Distinguished VP Analyst

Tadaaki Mataga is a Distinguished VP, Analyst based in Tokyo, Japan.

In these years, he mainly covers cloud computing, emerging technologies such as AI. In addition, he is expanding his coverage to "people-centric" with showing new skills, mindset and style required for Japanese audiences. He covered servers and mainframes over 10 years as analyst and he is making advice about future of mainframe systems for Japanese audiences continuously.

Previous experience

Mr. Mataga joined Gartner in 1997. Prior to joining Gartner, he was with Nihon Unisys since 1985 and worked on several system integration projects for mainframe, network and open-system areas. In his 12 years of experience in Nihon Unisys, he developed various enterprise systems and worked for entire system development processes like proposal, design, implementation and operation as a system engineer and project development leader.

Professional background

Nihon Unisys

System Engineer

Areas of coverage

I&O Organizational Strategy

Data Center Infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud and Edge Infrastructure


B.S., Electrical Engineering, Hosei University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1AI and machine learning

2Cloud computing

3Legacy migration especially mainframes

4Skill, mindset and style for 2030

5Emerging technologies