Gartner Expert

Thomas C Lintemuth

VP Analyst

Thomas Lintemuth researches industry trends and best practices regarding network security technologies including zero trust, segmentation, XDR, SSE, SASE, network access control, DDoS, firewalling, and remote access.

Previous experience

Previously, Mr. Lintemuth managed the network engineering team and directed the operational and project aspects of a national network. He managed the security engineering team deploying numerous technologies including IAM, PAM, CASB, SIEM, DLP, IDS.

Professional background

Jackson National Life

Director Information Security


Director Network Engineering



Areas of coverage

Security Technology and Infrastructure for Technical Professionals

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How can microsegmentation assist with securing a multicloud environment?

2What does Zero Trust really mean?

3How do firewalls provide value for the enterprise?

4When and how does network access control (NAC) assist with network security?

5How can companies best leverage distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection?