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Tim Berichon

Sr Director Analyst

Research and advisory to internal audit leaders (chief audit executives). Provide relevant, objective insight to CAEs (chief audit executives) to maximize their strategic leadership and personal effectiveness including so they may give their organization a higher chance of achieving its objectives by managing risk and reducing uncertainties.

Previous experience

Internal audit leadership as well as internal audit profession research, advisory and thought leadership

Professional background

The Institute of Internal Auditors

Director - CAE Engagement, Research and Advocacy

Cooper Tire and GCP

Chief Audit Executive

Tyco International

Sr. Director Audit (7) and CFO SubSahara Africa (2)

Areas of coverage

Audit Function Strategy and Management

CAE Strategic Leadership


Bachelors in Accounting and Economics. MBA in Global Management

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1CAE Personal Effectiveness

2Audit Function Strategy

3Audit Committee

4CAE Strategic Leadership

5Executive stakeholder relationships