Gartner Expert

Vicky Forman

Director Analyst

Vicky Forman advises on the topic of network design for supply chain to help companies optimise cost, improve service and improve resilience among others. Using her deep knowledge of delivering network design studies and broad industry experience to help companies unlock the potential of network design.

Previous experience

Vicky has 10 years of experience in completing network design studies and guiding and coaching clients to complete their own studies. Working with varied industries such as consumer goods, manufacturing, retail and distribution has given her a good understanding of the common challenges faced by these industries and ability to apply solutions from one industry to another.

Professional background


Senior Supply Chain Design Consultant

Marks and Spencer

Logistics Analyst

Areas of coverage

Manufacturing Operations

Supply Chain Strategy

Logistics and Fulfillment


BSc, Maths Operational Research Statistics and Economics, University of Warwick

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Best practices in completing network design studies to optimise cost, service, resilience and support growth.

2Network design to understand tradeoffs involved in warehouse location selection.

3Common barriers to successful network design studies and how to overcome them

4Utilising scenario planning for optimizing the supply chain given interdependencies across the network.