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Yoann Bianic

Director Analyst

Yoann Bianic is a Director Research Analyst in Gartner, where he is part of the IT Sourcing Procurement and Vendor Management Leaders Worldwide team. His research efforts are focused on Microsoft licensing/contract negotiation (Including Azure, Microsoft 365, Unified Support) and Software Asset Management.

Before joining Gartner, Yoann worked in IT Procurement, Contract Management and Software Asset Management regarding major vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, VMware, etc.

Yoann is a Microsoft's licensing geek and loves to decipher the ever-changing product and contractual licensing rules of this vendor.

Previous experience

What I did in my previous job :

- Perform Software Baselines through Effective License Positions (Licenses against Software)

- Perform assessments of my client's SAM maturity and strengthen their game

- Improve my client's SAM means : People, Processes and Tools

- Help my clients to own and negotiate their software agreements : get your need right, get the right product, in the right contract

- Navigate through complex and ever-changing software vendor's licensing rules

- Optimize my client's license portfolio, both on financial and operational terms

- Prepare and defend my clients regarding Software Audits (Performed Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, Microfocus/Attachmate, Quest)

Within my firm :

- Project's management, Mentoring, Pre-sales, Talent sourcing, Training, SAM white papers, conferences

Professional background


Software Asset Management Senior Consultant


Software Asset Manager


IT Procurement Coordinator

Areas of coverage

IT Contracts Negotiations

Executive Leadership: Strategic Cost Optimization

IT Vendor Ecosystems Management

IT Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management Operating Model

IT Sourcing Strategy Development and Execution


Master's degree in International Procurement - Bordeaux Business School

Master's degree in Business Administration - University of Bordeaux

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Microsoft Contract and Product Licensing : Software, SaaS, Subscriptions, Unified Support

2Microsoft Vendor Management

3Audit / Compliance review defense

4Contract negotiations : renewals and new deals

5Software Asset Management