Gartner Expert

Yoshi Matsumoto

Distinguished VP, Advisory

Yoshi Matsumoto will provide advice to CIOs or IT Leaders about roles and solutions.

These days in an enterprise there are various complex management challenges, for instance innovation, digitization by new technologies such as deep learning, globalization of IT and support to M&A. Therefore, a CIO's role needs to cover a wide range of issues, thus increasing its importance. On the other hand, a CIO needs to improve and build a stronger relationship with the senior management leadership team to overcome such challenges. Gartner is willing to help CIOs promote IT strategies with top-level managements.

Previous experience

Mr. Matsumoto has 15 years of CIO experience at GE, Aon and Nagase Brothers (aka Toshin high school) and served and challenged various IT issues and problems such as enterprise digitization, enterprise integration after M&A and global IT organization managements. Before the CIO roles, Mr. Matsumoto worked for Fujitsu for 12 years, mainly located in California, U.S., and was in charge of software developments and technology business development.

Professional background


CIO GE Capital Japan, CIO GE Healthcare Asia/Pacific


CEO Aon Japan


SVP Fujitsu Interactive, BD Director Fujitsu America

Areas of coverage

CSP Digital Transformation and Innovation

CIO Leadership of Innovation, Disruptive Trends and Emerging Practices

CIO Leadership of Technology Talent, Culture and DEI

CIO Role Evolution

CIO Leadership of Strategy, Governance and Operating Models

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How do CIO plan and implement

2How do CIOs create a business-focused strategy for information and technology and communicate its value?

3How do CIOs improve communication with CxOs?

4How do CIOs deal with corporate politics to gain their influence to key stakeholders?

5How do CIOs to manage post M&A integration both in domestic and global?