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Enabling the world’s most influential business leaders to turn today’s biggest challenges into tomorrow’s best outcomes

A leadership community with world-changing impact

As a global business leader, every decision you make can have an indelible impact on your organization — and on the world. Gartner Research Board is a community of the world's most influential business leaders. We equip you to:

Navigate what lies ahead with strategic insights, in-depth meetings and one-on-one discussions.

Challenge your thinking and test your strategy by harnessing the trusted, vetted community of peers, industry experts and thought leaders in a collaborative environment.

Accelerate your impact on mission-critical priorities by connecting you to tailored insights, 360-degree viewpoints and provocative ideas.

Gartner Research Board Sits Down With Global CIOs and Leading Technologists

Gartner Research Board will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023. As part of our celebration of this milestone, we have engaged global leaders at the highest level of business, technology and academia to reflect on lessons of the last 50 years, examine today’s opportunities and challenges and help set a course for the decades ahead.

Cutting-Edge Research

Gartner Research Board provides confidential, forward-thinking research for its members. Preview some of GRB’s latest pieces that will transform your thinking of the future of digital and review the champions of an equitable D&A future. 

Who are the champions of a diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive D&A world?

In an exciting new research project, the Gartner Research Board for Chief Data and Analytics Officers defines six personas that will drive data and analytics into the future. 

These positive disruptors and boundary-breakers enable the success of data and analytics in business. Although they wield skills not traditionally valued, those skills render them uniquely powerful and successful.

Get to know these champions in the Hall of Hero(x) infographic and take the quiz to see which personas you can identify in yourself and on your team.

What comes after digital?

Digital transformation has, for many, delivered on some big promises, from step changes in automation capabilities to new revenue models. But what happens when digital technology becomes so ubiquitous it’s practically invisible?

In an extensive new study, Gartner Research Board weighs the promises of digital transformation against the reality and explores how today’s global business leaders must shape their strategies in a post-digital era.

Learn more about the key takeaways from our research on what comes after digital.

A unique community of global technology executives,
Gartner Research Board brings members together to:

Shape and achieve their mission-critical priorities

Members drive the agenda, ensuring our research, analysis and facilitated discussions focus on your most pressing issues as a senior technology leader.

Validate, benchmark and problem-solve

Consult the Research Board to quickly survey your peers on critical questions, and empower your team to execute with best-practice case studies, Ignition Guides, tools and templates.

Learn from a unique, global ecosystem of experts

Access to our network of industry experts, venture capitalists and thought leaders keeps you at the forefront of the issues that are shaping global IT innovations and trends.

Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,000 organizations in 100+ countries.

Learn more about how we can help you and your executive team fuel the success of your business and shape a better future. Contact your Gartner representative.