Sourcing Diverse Technology Talent

A high-growth company in a competitive sector sought tech talent for niche computer science, cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IOT) skills by focusing on both build and buy strategies. With support from Gartner TalentNeuronTM, the Sr. Director of Diversity and Talent Strategy was able to target the right locations and universities to hire diverse, early-career tech talent and formulate an upskill strategy for its diverse frontline workers.

Mission-critical priority

Internal and external sourcing of tech talent for sustainable growth and improved diversity.

How Gartner helped

Gartner TalentNeuron developed a custom university analysis research to kick-start campus recruitment based on parameters such as university program, gender and ethnic diversity. With the “Buy” strategy underway, the client used the TalentNeuron Skills tool and advisory support to create an upskill program for its already diverse pool of frontline workers.

Business impact

By collaborating with the TalentNeuron team the Sr. Director of Diversity and Talent Strategy was able to: 

  • Refine the campus hiring strategy by targeting the universities that best aligned with the organization’s innovation strategy and diversity goals. 
  • Formulate an apprenticeship program for frontline workers, ultimately improving talent mobility and upward growth for employees. 
  • Create a strong and more diverse internal labor marketplace for future growth.

Tech Insurance

$6 billion


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner TalentNeuron™

We wanted to take a data-driven approach to our recruiting program. TalentNeuron provided insights and solid recommendations. We were able to leverage this data to support the competency build-out of our apprenticeship.

Sr. Director, Diversity and Talent Strategy

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