How Tech General Managers Can Improve Portfolio Performance

Accelerate critical business decisions with actionable quantitative insights.

2022 Leadership Vision for Technology General Managers

Accelerated digital technology innovation, changing buyer behavior and new business models add complex dimensions to how technology service providers think about every part of the organization.

To help you prioritize your time and energy we've created this Gartner Leadership Vision eBook to provide top-level guidance on where to focus — based on our data-driven research.

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    We needed tremendous insight about the industry and the customers we were serving. ...Our Executive Partner has been fantastic. ...He gave me additional insights, tools and resources that I just wasn’t aware of — really a great advantage.

    Bob Olwig

    VP, Business Development, World Wide Technology

    Bringing technology products and services to market

    As a growth-focused technology general manager, you’re charged with making business decisions every day to advance your mission-critical initiatives. Our proprietary research, experienced Executive Partners and extended expert engagements enable you and your team to pivot forward to achieve early results and create sustained competitive advantage.

    Graphic displaying the makings of a Technology General Manager made up of Vision and strategy, customer acquisition, and performance.

    How we address your top challenges

    The technology industry is rapidly changing. With shorter product cycles, rapid innovation, and merger and acquisitions (M&A) contributing to constant change, you are faced with critical, difficult business decisions. Gartner’s quantitative research, models, frameworks and advisory services are tailored to the specific needs of your role and designed to help you uplift performance, from your organizational culture to establishing sustained competitive advantage.

    Portfolio growth, vision and strategy

    To win in fast-moving technology markets, you need a compelling product vision that balances innovation with responses to disruption, and optimizes investments across a broader portfolio. Gartner research equips technology general managers with the market, customer and competitive insights to create a compelling and future-proof vision, and execute against market opportunities for growth.

    Execute on portfolio growth targets

    Technology general managers are focused on executing their vision and strategy to sustain hard-won growth. Gartner research and insights help technology general managers bring a diversified portfolio to market in ways that retain and grow the customer base and markets.

    Manage portfolio performance 

    Achievement of product goals is fundamental to the success of the general manager. Gartner provides evidence-based insight and analytical tools to support decision making in high-impact areas such as where to invest, divest or partner to ensure optimal portfolio performance and growth.

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