Case Study

Achieving Intelligent Manufacturing

Mengniu’s IT-based development journey

Business challenges

In 2012, Mengniu began a large-scale IT construction initiative, starting with IT planning and ERP. Around 2017, it began to implement applications around intelligent manufacturing, such as a laboratory information management system (LIMS), product life cycle management system (PLM) and manufacturing execution system (MES). At this time, the company faced many challenges.

Gartner solution

The goal of Mengniu’s intelligent manufacturing started with a push to achieve intelligent management of R&D projects, formulas, processes and packaging.

Then, it focused on PLM system issue inspection tasks, LIMS, production tasks and MES. Next, it looked at managing energy consumption, equipment and labor through MES. At the same time, all these systems had to connect with the lowest level of ERP system. Finally, Mengniu worked on the goal of fully digitalizing the manufacturing process and intelligence through digital twinning.

With Gartner’s help, Mengniu was able to test and verify some of these innovative concepts, quickly analyze industry trends and set the direction of its IT development. Gartner Magic Quadrants provided visibility into suitable industry solutions and service suppliers.

Mengniu worked one-on-one with Gartner experts to think through each scenario, and adjust and implement suggestions based on the company’s specific needs. Mengniu also obtained unparalleled industry and technology-related guidance at conferences, such as Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™. 

Business impact

Going in, Mengniu’s IT department had centralized control of every department’s IT budget, enabling the team to evaluate the feasibility, maturity and potential business value of IT projects in a comprehensive way.

By working with Gartner on system innovation and data connectivity, and through IT budget control, Mengniu created a positive IT culture and built a collaborative relationship between IT and other departments. IT now plays a vital role in production and business. Through IT-based development, Mengniu has laid a firm foundation for its journey toward whole-process intelligent manufacturing.

How Gartner delivered value
  • Verified concepts, analyzed trends and planned future course based on research
  • Gained contextualized advice and made adjustments in one-on-one discussions with Gartner experts
  • Relevant industry examples
  • Gained industry guidance in person at Gartner conferences
With Gartner, we have the opportunity to work one-on-one with experts, discussing critical issues in-depth, face-to-face. After every conversation, the expert provides a follow-up report and introduces the most relevant senior experts. This access and insight is invaluable.

Zhang Jue

CIO, China Mengniu Dairy Company

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