Sourcing and Vendor Management

Become a trusted advisor to achieve digital success

Rise to the sourcing challenges of the digital age

Digital transformation creates new challenges and opportunities for sourcing and vendor management leaders. By communicating how your team creates business value, you’ll become a trusted advisor and enabler of business success.

IT vendor management teams need to get out of the back office and establish a more prominent role in achieving strategic objectives.

Claudio Da Rold

Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

How we address your top challenges

As a technology sourcing and vendor management leader, you are the critical link between your organization’s internal capabilities and the external digital business ecosystem. We provide leaders like you with the insights to manage costs, mitigate risk and deliver business growth. Our insights, advice and tools equip you to:

Implement adaptive sourcing

Support digital business agility and innovation by designing and delivering adaptive sourcing strategies.

Optimize costs

Adopt a collaborative, cross-functional approach to restructure operational spending and reduce IT and business process costs.

Evolve vendor management 

Discover new opportunities within a more complex ecosystem of vendors and partners.

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