Deliverables Based IT Services (DBITS)

(Gartner Contract: DIR-CPO-4927)

The Texas Department of Information Resources (Texas DIR) offers Deliverables-Based IT Services (DBITS) to Texas governmental and public educational entities through DIR's Cooperative Contracts Program.

Cooperative Contracts Program

The Cooperative Contracts allows customers to purchase items directly from a DIR-contracted vendor. Customers contact the vendor for product and pricing information and then send their purchase orders, with the DIR contract number, and payments directly to the Cooperative Contracts vendor, not to DIR. This streamlines the order process, so customers receive their products/services quickly.

Technology Categories Awarded

Gartner is authorized to provide Texas DIR customers with services in the following categories:

Application Development, Maintenance, and Support, Technology Upgrade, Migration, and Transformation; and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management, Analytics, and Automation, including Data Warehousing

IT Assessments, Planning, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and Market Research, Procurement Advisory, and Contract Implementation Services

Project and Program Management

How to Order

DBITS Ordering Process

Step 2. Use the Statement of Work template above and include the minimum suggested items such as:

  • Scope of work
  • Project risks, assumptions and constraints
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Detailed description of deliverables
  • Acceptance criteria, including testing or period of review
  • Project completion criteria
  • Project schedules to be achieved by vendor
  • Relevant quality processes

Step 4. Vendors provide a written response. (Vendors may only respond to SOWs for the Technology Categories awarded under their contract.)

Step 5. Customers should negotiate pricing of deliverables directly with vendor.

Step 6. Customers and vendors may work together to improve the SOW.

Step 7. Customers may negotiate the terms and conditions of a SOW to suit their business needs, as long as the SOW terms and conditions do not conflict with or weaken the terms of the contract.

Warranty and Returns

This contract is a deliverables-based IT services contract and does not have any associated Warranty and Return policies.

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