Content Marketing Strategy and Programs

Build a sustainable content supply chain aligned with business goals

Customer engagement depends on the right content marketing strategy and programs

50% of marketers cite a desire for perfection as one of their top obstacles to content production

Marketing teams spend roughly 30% of their budgets on content creation to feed a wide range of engagement initiatives. Yet less than 40% of marketers who engage in content marketing have a defined and documented strategy. Attracting, acquiring, and retaining customers takes the right content marketing strategy.

Download to uncover the three best practices that content marketers should adopt to: 

  • Prioritize content marketing efforts by leveraging existing content
  • Utilize different platforms to understand consumers
  • Increase content relevance to meet changing customer needs

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Optimize existing content assets across platforms

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    Create a differentiated and adaptable content marketing strategy

    Content fuels every customer experience and marketing channel. Effective content marketing programs focus on creating, distributing and amplifying content via digital and offline channels, driving audience awareness and engagement to accelerate the achieving of business goals.

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    Content marketing insights you can use

    Gartner's research, tools and insights help you create a differentiated and adaptable content marketing strategy, execute effective content marketing programs, and accelerate and scale relevant content to deliver business results.

    The Right Content Marketing Strategy and Program Will Increase Customer Engagement

    The most effective content for content marketer is a result of a thoughtful and deliberate content strategy, plan and production process. Use our step-by-step guide on prioritizing, planning, producing and publishing effective content.

    Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Customer Retention

    As digital marketing leaders evaluate programs for cost efficiency, they will need to reframe traditional ROI models to measure the effectiveness of content programs. Learn how to evaluate content marketing pipelines that consistently drive retention and maximize assets.

    Manage the Overlap in Your Content Marketing Technology

    The growth in digital channels has continued to unlock storytelling opportunities for different channels and content formats. In a world of limited resources, however, content marketers need tools to effectively manage content operations and efficiently manage resources across channels to tell brand stories.

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    Content marketing questions Gartner can help answer

    Some examples of content marketing are:

    • Blogging
    • Video
    • Webinar
    • Articles
    • Infographics
    • White papers
    • eBooks 

    Effective content marketing is audience driven. To create and distribute differentiated content that drives audience awareness and engagement,  you must thoroughly understand the context in which you are competing. This requires a clear understanding not only of what you’re trying to accomplish as a business, but also of what your target audience’s needs and mindset are when and where they engage with your content.

    An effective content marketing strategy can drive engagement across digital touchpoints and impact your business positively. Marketers need to build their content strategy around business goals to align objectives across teams and to create internal efficiencies. Marketers must create their content marketing strategy around three key pillars — creating content, maximizing its impact, and measuring its performance.

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