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Afraz Jaffri | Director Analyst

Afraz Jaffri is a Research Director at Gartner, where Mr. Jaffri focuses on Analytics, Data Science and AI. He advises Data and Analytics leaders on making the most from their investments in modern data science, machine learning and analytics platforms. He has particular focus on how to organize analytics and data science teams, implementing graph-based data management and analytics solutions and developing best practices for operationalizing machine learning models.

Jonathan Davenport | Sr Director Analyst

Jonathan Davenport works in the Industries group, where Mr. Davenport is responsible for two IoT coverage areas; connected and autonomous vehicles; and broader autonomous things (including drones, robots and ships). To date his thought leading research provides actionable information about how to develop new differentiated business models for clients who utilize sensors and devices in connected and autonomous vehicles. His research is designed to help product leaders and CIOs take advantage of the opportunities that arise from the rapidly changing competitive landscape. He advises clients on a range of topics including; software-defined vehicles, direct and indirect monetization strategies; digitization; mapping; security; connectivity technology including telematics, 5G, vehicle to everything (V2X) and over-the-air (OTA) software updates; and smart cities topics such as smart parking and e-tolling.

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