Research & Advisory Overview

Gartner is an objective, indispensable research and advisory partner to more than 15,000 organizations in more than 100 countries — across all major functions, in every industry and enterprise size. Our single, overriding goal is to equip you and your teams with the insights, advice and tools you need to achieve your mission-critical priorities and fuel the future of your business. In today’s constantly evolving and increasingly complex landscape, it’s not about how much information you have, but about having the right information. That’s where we excel. We cut through the complexity and deliver the knowledge you need to make the right decisions quickly, and with confidence.

To do this, we offer a full range of research methods such as in-depth proprietary studies, peer and industry best practices, trend analysis and quantitative modeling. The combination of our methods — which is unrivaled in the marketplace — enables us to offer innovative approaches that can help you drive higher, sustainable business performance. With more than 2,000 experts around the globe with deep expertise in IT, Marketing, Supply Chain, Human Resource, Finance, Sales, and Legal and Compliance, we are like no other Research & Advisory organization in our ability to serve the CEO and every functional leader in the enterprise.

Independence and objectivity
Our clients depend on our ability to deliver insights that are impartial and actionable. Our independence as a research firm is the key to our objectivity, and allows our experts to provide unbiased advice clients can trust.

Proprietary methodologies
Gartner methodologies consist of research practices and procedures that distill large volumes of data into clear, precise recommendations so our clients can formulate plans or make difficult business decisions.

Research delivery
Whether through published research,, executive programs, Gartner events, peer communities or direct contact with Gartner experts, we deliver the insights, advice and tools necessary for our clients to build the successful organizations of tomorrow.