Gartner Provider Information Portal Pilot

Innovating Gartner’s data collection methods to support the creation of its vendor and product evaluation research via an online portal. Pilot runs in three markets, with additional markets to be added throughout 2023.

Welcome to Gartner’s Provider Information Portal Pilot

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Pilot overview

Gartner is exploring transforming its multiple requests for information (RFI) into a single, standardized online approach. Our goal is to provide vendors with an accurate, secure and easy way to enter, update and share information about their company and its offerings to support Gartner’s vendor and product evaluation research.

The Gartner Provider Information Portal initially supports the Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities process in select markets. Specifically, it supports the process step that involves providers answering Gartner RFIs. Instead of receiving an email with a questionnaire in various formats, providers will be emailed a link to an online portal for them to securely provide their answers. The Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities research process is otherwise unchanged.

Gartner’s Provider Information Portal represents a more consistent process to reduce the known pain points that impact providers and Gartner analysts. A provider's main point of contact for Gartner research can assign sections of the RFI to other users within their organization. This allows them to have one single source of information that they’re all collaborating on.

To make providers’ participation easier and faster, users have the option to view and use the answers that their organization provided to the same question asked in the last iteration of the RFI. Once submitted to Gartner, the information provided is then saved securely in a central repository that is accessible only to Gartner Research analysts who need the information to support their research creation. This allows for providers' information to get better leverage among Gartner analysts.

What’s happening

The Gartner Provider Information Portal currently applies to Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities research projects in these markets:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Digital Commerce
  • Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises
  •  Indoor Location Services
  • Outsourced Digital Workplace Services
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Cloud AI Developer Services
  • Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing
  • Application Performance Monitoring and Observability
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services
  • Contact Center as a Service
  • Low-Code Application Platforms
  • Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide
  • Full Life Cycle API Management