Information Technology

Cut Through Zero Trust Hype and Get Real Security Strategy Advice

| 1 hour

More organizations continue to embrace a zero trust security strategy. In fact, the United States government issued an executive order in 2021 that requires U.S. federal agencies to move towards a zero trust security posture. At the same time, vendor abuse of the term “zero trust” reached a new peak, creating widespread confusion. This complimentary webinar cuts through the hype around zero trust, offering pragmatic advice for beginning your organization’s journey toward a zero trust security strategy. You will receive guidance on how to adopt a zero trust mindset in your organization, including zero trust network access and identity-based segmentation.

Discussion Topics:
  • Discover a simple way to frame zero trust security and explain it to business leaders
  • Identify projects you can implement in 2022 to move towards zero trust security
  • Determine vendors and offerings that can help you on your zero trust journey

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about registering or watching.

Hosted by

Neil MacDonald

Distinguished VP Analyst

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