Information Technology

The Gartner Top Trends in Data & Analytics for 2022

| 1 hour

The global pandemic has been a major disruptive force of change. Additional dynamics drive Gartner’s top data & analytics trends for 2022, but COVID-19 accelerated them. These include the rate of AI, digital and overall innovation, cloud, and the convergence of D&A capabilities. These dynamics underline the mission-critical role of D&A and the need to further improve its effectiveness for all organizations and society at large. Join this complimentary webinar as Gartner experts break down this year’s top D&A trends, and help you prioritize those with the biggest potential impact on your organization’s competitive advantage (and maybe even its survival in these uncertain times).

Discussion Topics:
  • Accelerate change in data & analytics
  • Operationalize business value by making data & analytics an integral part of business
  • Embrace distributed everything, empowering an ever-wider audience of people and objects

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Hosted by

Rita Sallam

Distinguished VP Analyst


Ted Friedman

Distinguished VP Analyst

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