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The Gartner Predictions for 2023: Strategies for Financial Services

| 1 hour

As financial services CIOs adapted digitally over the past few years, an uneven race unfolded between some accelerating positive business outcomes and some who lagged behind. This created a digital capability gap that could widen. Additionally, efforts around environmental, social and governance (ESG) can be oriented to various impacts both internally within banks’ operations and IT spend, investment options, and banks’ own lending practices. Yet, banks often lack the ability to create models that effectively measure and demonstrate progress. As we progress through the next era of uncertainty and turbulence, financial services organizations must future-proof themselves to grow revenue while optimizing for cost. Gartner predicts that banks who are successful with ESG will create definitive measurements that will prove to customers, regulators, and themselves they can affect change in a positive way. Join this complimentary financial services webinar as Gartner banking and insurance experts reveal what comes next for financial services and how you can take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Get a look at what the future holds for financial services

  • More strongly align your company needs with customer needs

  • Take advantage of new opportunities in financial services

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Hosted by

Richard Natale

Sr Director Analyst


Jason Malo

Director Analyst

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