Information Technology

Beyond the Customer: Embrace a Total Experience Strategy

| 1 hour

Customer experience in a silo will never truly work. In fact, it is one of the biggest mistakes that Gartner sees organizations make. The best technology interface cannot overcome a bad interaction with a frustrated employee, and before we jump all over the poor employee, we must determine why there was a bad interaction to begin with. It could be a gap that could not be bridged, an exception that could not be made, or a unique issue that required additional thought and action.The result is a lot of investment and some payoff, but not as great as it could be by going “all in” on an interlinked total experience. This complimentary webinar utilizes real-world examples to show how total experience really works and the benefits it can generate.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Address your CEOs’ priorities for growth, technology investments, and workforce
  • Understand the strategy behind total experience
  • Use real-world examples to envision your organization’s total experience-based business outcomes

Hosted by

Don Scheibenreif

Distinguished VP Analyst


Michelle Duerst

VP Analyst

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