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Reduce Information Overload to Boost Your Business Strategy and Retain Employees

| 1 hour

Employees face an ever-growing burden of information. According to Gartner, 27% of employees and 38% of managers feel overwhelmed by this mounting information. These feelings of information overload can have real, negative business impacts, including less alignment with corporate strategy and a lower intent to stay in the organization. Moreover, in a hybrid world, the digital tools employees use to do their work have an outsized impact on their overall employee experience. This creates big questions about how digital employee experience is evolving to support the future of work. Join this complimentary webinar, as a panel of Gartner experts, drawing on their articles in the latest edition of Gartner Business Quarterly, look at how you can reduce the information burden for your employees and improve your organization’s information ecosystem. Together we will hit the whiteboard to help you predict and deliver the right combination of competencies, tools and insights to improve the digital employee experience in your organization. 

  • Identify and mitigate information overload in your organization 
  • Predict and deliver excellent digital employee experience
  • Encourage a low-burden culture for information in your organization

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar. 

Hosted by

Emily Earl

Sr Principal, Research


Lane Severson

Sr Director Analyst


Tori Paulman

Sr Director Analyst

LK Klein

Sr Director, Research

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