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C-Suite Strategies to Drive Growth Amid Economic Uncertainties

| 1 hour

As economic and disruption pressures grow, leaders across the C-suite must develop and execute strategies that enable short-term cost optimization with continued long-term growth. Leading executive teams are keenly aware of the lessons from previous economic downturns, and they know that prioritizing investments in optimizations will help ensure that their organization thrives. So, how do you balance strategic growth with cost containment as you evaluate budgets? How do you manage talent across the organization? Join this complimentary webinar as a panel of Gartner experts from across the C-suite shares their experiences on how company leaders can both thrive amid economic uncertainty and use it to finance long-term growth.


  • Determine the role each function leader must take in a tough economic environment

  • Find out how leading companies use an economic downturn to their advantage

  • Get best practices for collaborative leadership to weather and thrive in economic uncertainty

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

Hosted by

Steve Miranda

Executive Partner, Bus Services


Alexander Bant

Practice Vice President


Christiane Groth

VP, Advisory


Bill Voltmer

Executive Partner

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