Information Technology

How to Manage Technical Debt to Create IT Wealth

| 1 hour

In the fight against inflationary economic headwinds, enterprises need innovation and a growth strategy, but they face resistance to progress by failing to clear technology debt. Technology debt is the remaining amount of money that an organization must spend to meet its digital technology cost obligations while continuing doing business. Even as new cost liabilities mount in the technology portfolio, CIOs must address inflation, recover from underinvestment, and prevent underspending. They need to report cost liabilities to help business executives identify the technology debt position and develop plans that create net wealth. Yet, technology leaders can be reluctant to discuss technology debt, and business leaders often do not ask about it or attend inquiry calls. This complimentary webinar will help CIOs and IT leaders better manage and communicate technology debt, and digitally accelerate cash flow to boost business margins. 

  • Better communicate the impact of technology debt to business leaders

  • Digitally accelerate cash flow to boost business margins

  • Plan technology and contract life cycle scenarios to align with business benefits

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Hosted by

Stewart Buchanan

VP Analyst

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