Enable Customer Learning to Drive Commercial Performance for Your Sales Organization

| 1 hour

Stifled customer learning prevents commercial success in both self-service digital commerce and traditional seller-buying. This presents a challenge for sales organizations. How do sales leaders provide a customer experience that satisfies buyer preferences whilst positively influencing the purchase decision to deliver high-quality, low-regret deals? However, the answer lies in designing a sales process that combines digital and seller touchpoints to forge valuable customer interactions that encourage confident buying journey progression. Chief sales officers (CSOs) need to reimagine how sellers deliver a customer experience that overcomes the common pitfalls of self-service digital commerce and augments the benefits of the digital buying environment to foster customer learning. Join this free sales webinar where Gartner expert Luke Tipping explores how to enable customer learning to drive commercial performance.


  • Unlock a customer-centric sales process by understanding how your buyers buy

  • Design an integrated purchase journey to encourage customer learning and drive high-quality deals

  • Equip sellers with the tools, skills, and capabilities to deliver a satisfactory customer experience

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

Hosted by

Luke Tipping

Director Analyst

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