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Making Cloud Work for End Users and Providers: The London Stock Exchange

| 1 hour

Data powers the digital economy, and so it demands a consistent platform and framework for accessing, processing and protecting that data. More and more organisations utilise the cloud for this purpose, especially in financial services, where data is particularly sensitive. Yet, a scalable cloud framework to manage sensitive data can be a daunting ask for cloud providers, who need to serve a wide range of global customers with varying needs. What exactly does that mean for providers and end users? In this complimentary webinar, we talk with Oli Bage, Distinguished Engineer and Head of Architecture for the Data & Analytics division at London Stock Exchange Group, on why he helped spearhead the creation of the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) best practice framework, and how these standards can benefit your organisation.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Why the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework was established
  • Which 70 organisations are part of the CDMC initiative
  • How the CDMC framework will benefit organisations across the world this year
Hosted by

Oli Bage

Head of Architecture, Data & Analytics, London Stock Exchange Group