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Gartner Panel: Top Inflation Concerns for 2022 and Beyond

| 1 hour

Inflation shows no signs of abating in the near future. The impact is felt across the organization, for leaders, employees, partners and customers. How will inflation impact your budgets? How do you address the inflationary worries of your customers? What will be the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on inflationary pressures? Join this complimentary webinar as Gartner experts explore the key concerns and challenges that inflation presents across the organization. They will provide actions you can take and answer your top questions on handling the inflationary pressures facing your organization and your client base.

Discussion Topics:
  • Assess the top inflation challenges facing businesses in 2022 and beyond
  • Take steps to address customer inflation concerns
  • Determine the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on your business

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Hosted by

Derek Stubbs

Sr Director Analyst


John-David Lovelock

Distinguished VP Analyst


Dennis Gannon

VP, Research