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How to Make People Care About Your Transformation

UPCOMING May 26, 2022
| 10:00 a.m. EDT | 1 hour

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"I am not interested in transformation," said no CEO ever. Everyone is transforming, and so they should be. The problem is that transformations can feel like pushing water uphill, with leaders exhorting their people to change and despairing that they ever will. So, what is missing? Neuroscience. Abandon rational, reasonable arguments that entreat people to change. Instead, embrace the irrational, but predictable, ways in which humans really change. Join this free webinar to explore simple but non-obvious tactics to get your peers and leaders to care about your transformation.

Discussion Topics:
  • Do you know what you’re transforming into?
  • Can you convey your transformation message in a memorable, compelling way?
  • Are you using only rational arguments to get people to change?

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Hosted by

Mary Mesaglio

Managing Vice President