Information Technology

Experiment With the Metaverse to Increase Customer Engagement and Drive Revenue

| 1 hour

Enterprises experimenting with the metaverse can connect, engage with, and incentivize human and machine customers to create new value exchanges, revenue streams and markets. Gartner expects that a complete metaverse will be device-independent and not owned by a single vendor. It will have a virtual economy, using digital business assets (DBAs), enabling interaction, play, debate, study and for conducting business. Executive leaders should augment their digital transformation strategy by exploring product development, brand placement, customer engagement and financial flows in this virtual world. This complimentary webinar will explore how you as an executive leader can use new forms of digital business assets to develop and accelerate programmable economic models.

Discussion Topics:
  • Discover markets created in the programmable economies of the metaverse
  • Learn how metaverse-based business and financial models are executed
  • Explore how digital business assets (DBAs) are created and used as part of customer engagement

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Hosted by

David Furlonger

Distinguished VP Analyst