Artificial Intelligence: Start Them Young

Craig Roth
Craig Roth

We often talk about technology changing society. But that change really needs to start with us, and we need to start with the next generation.

“I know we often budget annually and do five-year plans, but if you step outside the corporate campus and into a school, you’re really seeing a much longer view of this. There’s an old Native American saying about seven generations, that in every deliberation we must consider the impact on the seventh generation. And I think that really applies here. You’re planting the seeds now for the kind of opportunities and jobs and skills that those kids are going to grow into.”

This is NOT an AI textbook!
This is NOT an AI textbook!

Gartner Research Vice President Craig Roth says it is time that we all go back to school and shape the future IT and business workforce. He argues we need to start them earlier and expand the opportunities we train them for. At the very least, we need to instill a positive outlook on the power of technology:

“This is kind of what we’re teaching kids. It’s one of those Choose Your Path to Adventure books (about artificial intelligence), and it’s got 16 endings. And I looked at it, and basically 80 percent of them have to do with doom for the human race.”


  • 00:41 — Why target young students?
  • 02:39 — What do we need to focus on?
  • 05:26 — What should the kids do?
    • 06:21 — Creators
    • 07:27 — Trainers
    • 08:00 — Explainers
    • 08:24 — Sustainers
    • 08:58 — Designers
  • 09:49 — How can IT and business professionals help?


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Craig Roth is a Research Vice President focused on cloud office suites, collaboration tools, content management, and how they are being impacted by digital workplace and digital business trends. He researches how knowledge workers get their jobs done and advises product strategists, service providers, and IT leaders on how to capture the productivity that new ways of work have to offer. He has also engaged in special research projects around Enterprise Attention Management (a response to information overload) and how robots and automation will impact the future of work. Mr. Roth is a 29-year IT veteran. Prior to joining Gartner from Burton Group, he was a portal and web architecture industry analyst at Meta Group. He also spent 7 years in the financial services industry as a coder and manager and 5 years as an independent software game developer.