Be a True Digital Leader

Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson
Alejandra Lozada
Alejandra Lozada

Okay, leaders, if you want to make your employees the best they can be, you might start by giving them some more space:

“Connector managers are much more successful than the always-on manager that most of us currently think that we want. The always-on manager is somebody who focuses on personally providing continuous coaching and informal feedback and guidance to their employees. But those kind of managers actually degrade employee performance. It’s the connector manager who gets the highest level of performance out of their employees today.”

Leah Johnson and her fellow CEB now Gartner expert Alejandra Lozada join us for a conversation on what it means to be an impactful leader in the Digital Age. We’ll connect you with what you need to know on being a connector manager. Or maybe you’re better suited as an enterprise manager. Either way, we’ll help you lead your organization to a successful digital transformation.


  • 00:50 — Are IT and the Business on the same page?
  • 02:54 — Biggest digitalization hurdles
  • 04:47 — Do you find digital skills in-house or externally?
  • 06:25 — Successful digital leaders
  • 08:19 — Enterprise Leaders
  • 09:23 — The Connector Manager
  • 11:10 — What drives digital success?
  • 12:36 — The importance of network orientation
  • 13:56 — Steps to take now



Leah Johnson is a Principal Executive Advisor with CEB now Gartner, where she heads up executive education offerings for Chief HR Officers in the HR Practice.  Ms. Johnson has ongoing responsibility for creating and presenting insights at global executive meetings and managing the HR Practice’s webinar series serving CHROs and their direct reports. Ms. Johnson began her career with CEB’s Financial Services division in 1992.  In 1993, she moved to the United Kingdom where she co-founded and managed CEB’s European operations for four years.  Since moving back to the US in 1997, she has worked exclusively with the HR team and has been a leader of every research team (Leadership, Engagement, Performance Management, HR Business Partners, Succession Management, Diversity, Millennials, Change, HIPO, Culture and more) for over 20 years.  In 2018, she is a co-leader of the HR practice’s digitalization research series. Ms. Johnson has led over 800 national and international meetings for HR executives and hosted more than 1000 webinars.   She is also a keynote speaker at many company and industry conferences and for our annual HR Summits.


Alejandra Lozada is a Senior Research Director with CEB now Gartner. She has more than 15 years of international experience leading research and analysis on strategy, management, and finance practices. Her extensive experience includes advising and delivering projects to board-level executives (mainly CFOs and CSOs of Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and the largest European companies). She has a proven track record in global business leadership, with experience in simultaneously managing teams in Europe, the United States, and India. She also has strategic and tactical experience in business management, having successfully developed and launched new business units both in the United States and Europe.


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