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A Midsize Enterprise Creates a Big Industry Disruption

Sometimes, being a digital disruptor is not all that it’s advertised to be. “To be clear, very few companies are disruptors, but almost every company has been disrupted. It makes much more practical sense to talk to companies about how they respond to disruption than how to become disruptors themselves.” So how do you turn … Continued

Digital Fusion Teams; Products Over Projects

It looks like digital business is drawing IT professionals out of their caves. “IT work is inherently cross-functional now. I mean, that old legend about IT being the land of introverts and hermits who left to their own devices would just sit in their own cubes, that’s ridiculous. Ninety percent of IT folks work in … Continued

The Future Workplace: Humans Need Not Apply?

“The robots are coming! The robots are coming!” Or maybe they’re not. “This has actually been predicted before, in 1959. There was a prediction by I.J. Good that within 20 years, all our jobs would be gone. And I think there’s a bit of a sense of fear that has been generated and very much … Continued

Assess Your Emerging Technology Risks

With the ever-growing rise of ransomware, data hacks, privacy concerns and the like, we understandably focus more on cybersecurity. But Gartner analyst Josh Downie says we might be overlooking a greater threat: “If you actually look at the Fortune 1000 historically, no Fortune 1000 company has ever gone out of business due to a security risk. … Continued

7 Deadly Sins of I&O Cost Optimization

Looking to improve your IT infrastructure and operations? Well, do I have a buzzword for you! “Operational excellence with hybrid cloud, cloud-only, cloud-first, software-defined, fill-in-the-blank strategy using infrastructure as a code, extreme automation, DevOps, agile methodology to delivery digital value, drive innovation, improve agility, lower cost — wow, this sounds fantastic! But what’s an I&O … Continued

Tech Providers’ Digital Disruption Strategy

The good news is that digital disruption gives any organization a chance to forge a new competitive advantage. So what’s the bad news? “The bad news is that it’s easy for everyone. So if you’re an emerging provider, you’re competing with everybody else that has access to all the same stuff. And not withstanding the … Continued

Devise Your Digital Disruption Strategy

If you thought digital disruption felt like a storm brewing around you, you just might be right. “It equates to the Tornado Scale that I think unfortunately too many people are familiar with, but if you know, the Tornado Scale goes from 1 to 5 and gets worse as you go up. We’ve applied the … Continued

Turn Digital Disruption to Your Advantage

Did we manage to turn digital business into a monster? “The perception of disruption and the way that people tend to define it to themselves is that some digital entity comes along and destroys a market for everyone else, and moves on and survives and thrives.” Gartner Research Vice President David Yockelson, co-author of the … Continued

The Public and Private Sector Digital Game Plan

Maybe this technology stuff won’t be the end of civilization as we know it. “The expectation was that we are going to have a long economic boom ahead, simply because the cost of living for so many of the things that we typically pay a lot for is going to drop. At the same time, … Continued

CIO Resolutions: Go Back to Middle School

We all need to get more involved in educating the next generation of IT professionals. Gartner analyst Mary Mesaglio wants that education to include better communication skills for all of us. “My personal definition of spam is any email I receive where I get more satisfaction from deleting it than from reading it. And there’s … Continued

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