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Break Through to a Digital Culture

Gartner ThinkCast No. 174, December 11, 2018 A successful digital culture starts with the right mission statement — but not this one. “We are transforming into a digital-first organization ready for the challenges of the 21st century, exploiting our ecosystem of partners in order to deliver agility and innovation and engagement to our customer-centric, blah, blah, … Continued

Fortify Your 2019 Agenda

Gartner ThinkCast No. 173, December 4, 2018 Digital business is no longer some aspirational concept. It’s the way you need to do business. “We’re going from everybody talking about digital business and a few being out there to a significant portion of CIOs saying, ‘Yes, we are actually scaling and harvesting the benefits of being … Continued

Transform into a Customer-Centric Organization

Guess what? Your customers really don’t want to hear about your products or services. “Things have changed in the last decade. The companies that are really customer focused today, or customer centric, are the ones that focus on outcomes on the task or objective of the customer. So, instead of selling you a lawnmower, I’m … Continued

Let Data Drive Your Organization

When it comes to your Data and Analytics initiatives, it’s not really about the data … or the analytics. “This is going to surprise everybody that’s listening, a hundred percent. You start with the user community.” (Gartner expert Mark Beyer) Look, we all know that data drives the modern business, and Lord knows there’s a … Continued

Be a Digital Leader and Add Business Value

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – digital transformation gives IT leaders an unprecedented opportunity to exert themselves as business leaders. … But maybe the trick isn’t so much sparking a power surge as it is knowing when to turn it off. “The always-on manager is somebody who focuses on personally providing continuous … Continued

Data Literacy: Speak Information as a Second Language

It’s time to ensure that your employees – and especially you – are multi-lingual. Now, English, Spanish, Chinese and the like are important, but how well do you speak Information? We’re checking on your data literacy because it could be the determining factor for your organization’s future. Valerie Logan joins us again. She first appeared to … Continued

Be a Digital Disruptor Instead of the Disrupted

So you think you’re using digital disruption to your advantage … you might want to think again. “To be clear, very few companies are disruptors, but almost every company has been disrupted.” This week on Gartner ThinkCast, we will turn your organization into a digital disruptor. We’ll hear from Gartner expert Vivek Swaminathan about a … Continued

A More Powerful Resource for Tribal Enterprises

When you are trying to tailor an IT or business solution to a tribal nation or enterprise, you need data that goes beyond the organization and factors in an entire ecosystem. “You have more solid information, you’re going to make some better decisions. And there’s been a lack of really great benchmarking research info specifically … Continued

Saving Culture: Addressing Tribal Nations’ Unique Needs

Sometimes tailoring an IT solution to an organizations’ unique needs reverberates well beyond just an individual business initiative or strategic goal. “Tribes truly are different from any other entities, and so a lot of big businesses try to force-fit the tribes into something else. And the fact of the matter is because tribes are dependent sovereign nations, sovereignty and … Continued

Introducing the New Gartner ThinkCast

Get ready for the new Gartner ThinkCast … a new sound shaped by you, our listeners. We heard you when you told us that you want: A format better suited for your commute or business travel. More in-depth coverage of the issues most important to you. And more variety. So starting in November, we will … Continued

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