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The Intersection of AI & CX

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is cooking up new possibilities for Customer Experience (CX). Gartner analyst Whit Andrews: “You’d think it was crazy if you brought a product and somebody called you every week to talk to you about how you use that product. That would just seem nuts, right? And yet, depending on the product, that … Continued

Gartner Delivers Bigger Insights for Midsize Enterprises

Midsize enterprises (MSE) face the same challenges that their larger counterparts do, but they diverge greatly in the solutions they need. “In any of the things that Gartner covers, the questions are the same but the answers are different. So how do we provide that tailored advice when we’re in front of a midsize enterprise … Continued

How IoT Service Providers Can Hone Their Edge

Take note, Internet of Things service providers: You can’t go it alone. Here’s Gartner Research Director Denise Rueb: “Providers out there need to recognize that the area of IoT partnerships and building out their ecosystems is really, really critical. And it’s critical because they probably will either will partner with or be calling upon some of … Continued

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018: Gartner Keynote Preview

Digital change is relentless, but fear not, Gartner Research Vice President Don Scheibenreif says help is on its way: “What we’re trying to do in the Keynote is to kind of connect the dots and all the messages they’re hearing from Gartner about digital technology and the implication for business and government. And all focused … Continued

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018: Passing, Present & Future

You can’t stop change; you can only hope to keep up with it — and ride its power to success. “Change is coming at us really constantly, very fast, and it’s beyond our ability to absorb that. So what are the techniques we can use to actually mitigate that change, take advantage of that constant … Continued

Don’t Believe the Hype … or Believe It

If there is one constant in IT, it’s hype. With every new technology promising to change the way we work and live, how do you know if it will really change your organization for the better? Mike Walker is a research vice president at Gartner: “What’s unique about the Emerging Tech Hype Cycle is no … Continued

Future-proof Your Company and Your Career

Warning: We’re going to make you feel uncomfortable … and you’ll thank us for it. “We know from research that the No. 1 reason that businesses stop growing is because individual leaders in that organization stopped growing. How do you know if you’re growing? And the very quick, fast answer to that is, do you … Continued

Are You Where You Should Be Now with AI?

Does it feel like your company’s AI initiatives really haven’t gotten started yet? Gartner analyst Whit Andrews says you’re not alone. “We surveyed CIOs last year, as we often do, and what we found was that one out of 25 CIOs said they were employing AI now. That’s a pretty small proportion. And let’s compare … Continued

Be a True Digital Leader

Okay, leaders, if you want to make your employees the best they can be, you might start by giving them some more space: “Connector managers are much more successful than the always-on manager that most of us currently think that we want. The always-on manager is somebody who focuses on personally providing continuous coaching and … Continued

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