Find Your Unicorn: Gartner Cool Vendors 2018

Daryl Plummer
Daryl Plummer

The information Gartner reveals in its annual Cool Vendors reports is not just, well, cool, it is extremely useful for multiple parties in IT. To put it another way, there’s something for everyone.

“We have had certainly strategic decisions made by end-user companies based on what they’ve found in the Cool Vendors report. For the vendors, we have seen vendors acquire certain companies because they came through a Cool Vendors report. And we’ve even seen investors come to us and say, ‘Hey, we changed our portfolio mix because of what you guys were saying in a given Cool Vendors topic.'”

Gartner Research Managing Vice President Daryl Plummer leads the ever-expanding Cool Vendors special reports. He will dive deep into this year’s offerings on June 5 in his webinar Cool Vendors 2018: Unicorns Are Hard to Find. Why should you carve out time to attend that presentation? For that answer — and much more — Daryl joins us on Gartner ThinkCast to let us know what’s cool in 2018.


  • 01:09 — What is a Cool Vendor?
  • 01:53 — Cool Vendor selection criteria
  • 03:28 — 2018 Cool Vendors reports
  • 05:04 — Cool Vendors reports changes
  • 07:35 — Utilizing the Cool Vendors reports


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Daryl Plummer is a managing vice president, chief of Research and chief Gartner Fellow. He is chief of research for cloud computing and a primary analyst covering multiple cloud topics, business process management, SOA and Web technologies. Mr. Plummer manages the Gartner Fellows Program, which is designed to allow senior analysts the opportunity to explore new research ideas and to elevate the Gartner culture and brand with clients. He is also chief of Research for emerging trends and interacts with clients on topics ranging from application development to enterprise architecture. With Gartner for 15 years, Mr. Plummer has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining Gartner, he was division director and technology coordinator for the State of Florida’s Department of Management Services. Mr. Plummer was also data center director of the Technology Resource Center, at the time one of the largest data centers in Florida. In this capacity, he managed the introduction of statewide client/server systems and methodologies. He was instrumental in the creation of the state’s TCP/IP network and designed and implemented the Florida Communities Network — Florida’s economic Internet presence.