Gartner Vendor RatingGartner Vendor Rating

Tracking and Monitoring Vendor Performance
Gartner Vendor Ratings assess many different aspects of a technology provider, such as its products, support, pricing, technology, strategy and financials. These ratings are periodically revised to reflect changes in assessment when a significant internal or external event directly affects the provider.

Gartner Vendor Rating

How Do You Use Vendor Ratings?

Clients use Vendor Ratings to understand how a provider's offering aligns with their business strategy, and to help assess the health of their own strategic provider portfolio.

Vendor Ratings also reveal solution gaps among providers, and markets that could be ripe for investment opportunity.

How Do Vendor Ratings Work?

Technology providers with a clear focus, solid products and an advantageous market position may be rated Positive or Strong. Providers that face challenges in these areas may be rated Caution or Weak. Those that have potential but still have some areas to develop further are rated Variable.

Strong. Customers can feel comfortable investing in a continued relationship with this provider. Potential customers should consider this provider a strong choice for new strategic investments.

Positive. Customers should continue planned investments. Potential customers should consider this provider a viable choice for strategic or tactical investments, while planning for known limitations.

Variable. Customers should consider the short- and long-term impact of possible changes in status. Potential customers should factor issues and opportunities related to the ongoing evolution and maturity of this provider into their decisions.

Caution. Customers should understand challenges in relevant areas and develop contingency plans based on risk tolerance and possible business impact. Potential customers should consider the provider's challenges in their due diligence.

Weak. Customers should execute contingency options. Potential customers should consider this provider only for tactical investments with rapid payback.