Develop Winning Go-to-Market Strategies

Optimize Your Channel Strategy

  • Strike an effective balance between digital and traditional sales and marketing channels
  • Leverage best practices to help you select the right channel mix and customer segments for your product offerings
  • Evaluate your channel partner strategy to maximize channel sales effectiveness

Build Fact Based Marketing Plans

  • Identify disconnects between your market aspirations and budget realities
  • Create messaging that resonates with your target customers
  • Measure success via market share data and analyst feedback

Validate and Co-brand Messaging

  • Validate your position in the industry with independent, objective research by Gartner analysts
  • Add credibility to your sales claims with co-branded Gartner collateral
  • Use valuable feedback from our analysts to adjust your marketing campaigns and ensure success

Roles that Benefit Most

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Regional Marketing Executinve
  • Product Marketing Executive Director
  • Champaign Manager
  • Field Marketing

Example of How Gartner Enabled Client Success

Gartner provided unique insight by:

  • Helping to discover future technologies and predict future product areas – and how to make them a reality
  • Creating a common terminology that customers could understand and a systematic view of market
  • Providing the basis for a successful marketing message & go-to-market strategy
  • Working with almost every BMC customer, so their market understanding is strong