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Robotic Process Automation (RPA): From Hype to Reality

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Discussion Topics:

  • What RPA is and where it fits into the landscape of automation (inclusive of cognitive and AI)
  • What is the time and cost of RPA and who are the players in the value chain
  • Where should your organizations start

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The disruption of artificial intelligence and related technologies (cognitive, machine learning and RPA) is already here and more is on the way. In 1999, the big disruption was the use of offshore to create labor arbitrage. The new disruptor is automation arbitrage, a term Gartner is using to describe the recalibration of human labor to drive business outcomes. The initial low-hanging fruit in this arena is robotic process automation (RPA). It is relatively low cost, quick to implement and unobtrusive; thus it starts what will likely be one of the most important conversations in the next five years — how automation will change the value proposition in all organizations.

Hosted by:

Frances Karamouzis

VP Distinguished Analyst




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