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CIO Agenda 2017 - An ANZ Perspective: Seize the Digital Ecosystem Opportunity

Join us for 60 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • What to expect with respect to budgets, revenue and ecosystem participation
  • The technology priorities of CIOs
  • How to approach delivery and the adoption of bimodal
  • Areas of key skill shortages

CIOs face the usual pendulum in 2017: Digital business gives them a chance to create great opportunities for their organizations, but, the tumultuous global economic and geopolitical environment creates great uncertainties. Gartner sought feedback from nearly 3,000 CIOs and IT leaders to gauge what tops their agendas for 2017. We offer a look at those findings, with a focus on the unique challenges that IT leaders in Australia and New Zealand are facing.

Hosted by:

Jenny Beresford

Research Director