Transform Internal Audit

Innovate to keep up in today’s risk environment

Moving to assurance in real time

Today’s fast-moving business environment and volatile risk landscape challenge your ability to protect your organization’s assets, reputation and sustainability. Successful audit leaders employ new technologies, provide real-time assurance, and partner with other risk and control groups, all while staying in sync with the audit committee and executive management.

Gartner has been very instrumental in providing data to allow me to go to the board to get approval on a growth and strategy plan that has helped me to almost triple the size of my [internal audit] team.

Claus Heckerott

Chief Audit Officer, Adidas

How we address your top challenges

Boards and senior executives need actionable information in order to make quick decisions. This requires the audit department to improve its ability to sense emerging risks and allocate assurance coverage to the organization's changing risk profile. Our insights, advice and tools equip you to: 

Advance your data and analytics capabilities

Digitalization and the rise of data-driven decision making across organizations demand that audit functions build and grow their data and analytics capabilities.

Collaborate with risk and control groups

The number of risk and control groups across organizations continues to grow. This is raising concerns regarding the efficiency of assurance activities and audit's ability to provide a consolidated view of risks to key stakeholders.

Improve stakeholder communications

In a rapidly changing risk environment, leading chief audit executives must find new ways to communicate risk and control concerns, develop more risk-responsive audit plans and increase their influence on other business executives.

Build a more risk-responsive audit function

Network with leading chief audit executives and access the latest best-practice insights on processing risk information, adapting the audit plan and empowering your team to execute audit engagements using more real-time risk insights.

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