Client Story

Build an Actionable Risk Report

With Gartner support, the client revamped their reporting to focus on significant risks that required an escalated mitigation plan, increasing their confidence in making key decisions and saving over $25,000 in consulting fees. 

Mission-critical priority

Make actionable executive-level reports that highlight the urgency of specific risks and the potential loss associated with inefficient escalation processes.

How Gartner helped

Gartner's research reports, tools, and best-case examples helped the client review and redesign executive-level reports, enhance ERM maturity and improve their risk matrix.

Business impact

The client saved three weeks of their work and over $20,000 on consultancy fees by revising key elements, which boosted board confidence in ERM and improved decision-making.



Financial Services



Approx. $5.2B



> 17,800

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