As organizations make significant investments in digital technologies, ERM leaders are left scrambling to provide risk information on initiatives they — and the wider organization — often don’t fully comprehend.

Risk leaders know about cybersecurity threats, data privacy risks and talent shortages. But digital initiatives actually expose the company to a much wider, and potentially more consequential, range of risks that ERM must ensure stakeholders are aware of.

Download our research report today to gain a better understanding of:

  • The business trends pushing organizations to pursue digital initiatives

  • How to evaluate the risks associated with a digital business

  • How to prepare executive stakeholders to effectively incorporate risk considerations into digital strategy decisions

In order to play an effective role in managing digital risks ERM does not need subject matter expertise in IT or digital technologies. A sound general understanding of the underlying drivers and types of digital strategies will enable risk leaders to ask better questions and gain valuable insight on the risks involved. Get the guidance today.