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Our NCSC training resources focus on our Global Technology Sales (GTS) business. Follow the three steps below to learn about the product, the buyer and how to sell Gartner for High Tech Providers.

Learn more about Gartner’s GTS business and the difference between the former product that focused on our End User market and the new product that focuses on selling to the High Tech Vendor market.

Step 1: Learn about the product

The product you will be selling for NCSC is called “Gartner for High Tech Providers.” This product consists of three core capabilities: research and tools, Analyst Inquiry and conference attendance. Get started by watching this overview of the Gartner for High Tech Providers Product Package and Pricing. Want to learn more? Dive deep into each of the three Gartner for High Tech Providers capabilities below.

Research and tools

Why Gartner research?

Learn about Gartner High Tech Provider Research and Tools and the value proposition.

Research starting point

Learn more about the core trends high tech providers are thinking about and how Gartner can support these mission-critical priorities.

Analyst Inquiry

How to demo Analyst Inquiry

Learn how to demo the Analyst Inquiry product capability to prospective buyers.

Meet the analysts

Learn more about the ways Gartner expert analysts support clients to achieve critical growth priorities.

Gartner Conferences

Conference attendance

Learn how executives can receive value by attending world-class conferences where they can network with peers and learn from Gartner experts. 

Step 2: Understand the buyer

High tech provider organizations face unique challenges and typically have multiple C-level executives who need Gartner research and advisory support to achieve their goals. Learn below about the different roles that can benefit from Gartner for High Tech Providers.

Understand the High Tech Provider client

Learn what a High Tech Vendor is and how Gartner can support leaders of these organizations.

Gartner for High Tech Leaders: Buyer Profiles

Sample CEO, CMO and CPO role profiles

Step 3: How to sell Gartner for High Tech Providers

Role play series

Take a glimpse into how Gartner for High Tech Providers product is sold. Watch a Gartner sales professional conduct a call with a CEO.

Click on the video to watch all five role plays.

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