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Your Gartner training resources for NCSC

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Our NCSC training resources focus on our Global Technology Sales (GTS) business. Follow the three steps below to learn about the product, the buyer and how to sell Gartner for CIOs.

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Step 1: Learn about the product

The product you will be selling for NCSC is called “Gartner for CIOs.” This product consists of three core capabilities: research, cost optimization tools and executive partner.

Get started by watching this overview of the Gartner for CIOs Product Package and Pricing.

Want to learn more? Dive deep into each of the three Gartner for CIOs capabilities.

The Value of Gartner Event Sponsorship


How to demo Gartner research

Learn how to use to demo this product capability to prospective buyers.

Why Gartner research?

Learn about the features and benefits of Gartner research and the general value proposition.

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Research methodologies

Learn about the specific types of research that Gartner provides.

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Cost optimization

How to demo cost optimization tools

Learn how to demo the ITBudget tool and the contract review service to prospective buyers.

ITBudget sample report

Here’s a sample report generated through the ITBudget tool that helps CIOs plan their IT budgets with relevant facts and metrics.

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Cost optimization tools

Learn about the features and benefits of Gartner cost optimization tools and the general value proposition.

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ITBudget FAQ

Here are clients’ frequently asked questions about accessing and using the ITBudget tool.

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Executive partner

Executive partner

Learn how CIOs can receive value from working with a trusted expert in their field.

Step 2: Understand the buyer

As the highest-ranking IT leaders within an organization, CIOs face unique challenges. Successful competitors must demonstrate an understanding of their needs.

The role of the CIO

Take a deep dive into the role of a CIO and how they deliver value to a business.

How CIOs use Gartner

Learn how CIOs receive value from the three capabilities of the Gartner for CIOs product.

Sample CIO profile

Read an overview of CIOs’ responsibilities, top problems and how they are measured in their role.

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Step 3: How to sell Gartner for CIOs

The Value of Gartner Event Sponsorship
Role play series

Take a glimpse into how the Gartner for CIOs product is sold. Watch a Gartner sales professional conduct a sales call with a CIO.

Click on the video to watch all five role play videos.